Hello, I’m Cody Crow. I’m a full stack developer from Norman, Oklahoma, and I’m currently working on mobile apps at Tailwind. In the past, I’ve been at NextThought, WeGoLook, and CCEW.


  • University of Oklahoma, BS in Computer Science (2018)
  • University of Oklahoma, BA in Economics (2018)
  • United States Presidential Scholar (2014)


  • Back-end
    • The bulk of my experience is in API development, back-end data processing services, and basic administration
    • Languages I’m comfortable with: JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, Perl, Erlang
  • Web
    • I’m experienced in building web apps with both server-side and client-side rendering
    • Languages I’m comfortable with: HTML/CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Clojure (via CLJS)
  • Database
    • I’m experienced in constructing schemas and doing practical development with Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, and Oracle
    • I’m experienced in Postgres and MySQL administration
  • Data Analysis
    • I’m experienced in data mining using R and Python
  • Low-level (hobbyist)
    • I’ve written a 16-bit, real-mode OS in x86 assembly (Intel syntax)
    • I’ve partially written a 32-bit Unix-like OS in C and x86 assembly, with support for a few fundamental syscalls (read, write, fork, etc.)
    • I’ve written several applications in Z80 assembly for personal use